All Academic Research is an open-access publishing for the research community. We are maximizing the impact of research through openness. We believe that knowledge works best when it is open. 


  • Academic Journal on Arts & Humanities Education

    This online blind peer-reviewed journal (ISSN: 2997-9595) is dedicated to publishing high-quality, original research that bridges the disciplines of social sciences and humanities. We aim to foster interdisciplinary dialogue and promote a deeper understanding of the complex issues facing humanity. We encourage submissions that employ diverse methodologies, both quantitative and qualitative, to address critical questions in these fields.

  • Academic Journal on Business Administration, Innovation & Sustainability

    The Academic Journal on Business Administration, Innovation & Sustainability(ISSN: 2997-9552) is a leading scholarly publication dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding in business administration, innovation, and sustainability. This online journal examines the intersection of business practices, innovation, and sustainability, publishing research on topics such as corporate social responsibility, green marketing, and sustainable business models. Our mission is to disseminate high-quality, peer-reviewed research that addresses the complexities of modern business practices, explores innovative solutions, and promotes sustainable development across industries.

  • Academic Journal on Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Education

    Academic Journal on Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Education(ISSN: 2997-9870) is a blind peer-reviewed online journal that explores the latest research and best practices in STEM education. This journal aims to publish high-quality research that contributes to the understanding and improvement of STEM education at all levels. The journal welcomes a diverse range of manuscripts, including empirical studies, theoretical analyses, literature reviews, case studies, and practical reports.