Poorest Door Hakiakte Salat and Its Implementation


  • Sayed A. F. M. Monjur-E-Khoda Ph.D Lecturer, Adjunct Faculty, Department of Islamic Studies, The People’s University of Bangladesh


Salat, Namaz, Hakikat, Meraz, Bandah, Kirat, Ahmadi, Mumin, Worship, Ummat


Salat (Prayer) is the most important pillar in Islam. Five times prayer in a day is compulsory for a believer. We consider prayer as the best worship. So, under which method Salat may be more effective and turned as the best performance is very important for every Muslim. Allah in the holy Qur’an says: “Seek (My) help with patience and through prayer.” (Surah Al Baqarah, verse 45). The Great Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Sm) said: “Assalatu Merajul Mumenin”-- It means Namaz is the meraj (visit) of Allah for the believer. The Great Lord Allah taught His bandah (human being) the best method of seeking His help through prayers. The method through which prayers will be acceptable to Allah has been announced in the holy Quran, “They have been commanded to worship Allah in pure mind with sincere devotion, and to establish regular prayer and give zakat. That is the religion right and straight.” (Surah Al Baiyinah, verse 5)




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