Study of Experiences of Love of Nature in the Poems of Wordsworth


  • Mst. Sabrina Quadir Senior Lecture , Daffodil Institute of IT, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Love, Lyric, Nature, Beauty, Romanticism, Poems


One of the principal concerns of Wordsworth’s poetry is nature he is known as the poet of nature. To Wordsworth’s poetry, interacting with nature represents the forces of the natural world. Certainly he celebrates its beauty; it is also a source of delight and joy. The purpose of this study is to uncover his ideal in singing highly of the nature and how love and impact of nature on his creations. Wordsworth views nature and human beings as complementary rudiments of a sum of a whole, recognizing that humans are a sum of nature. Wordsworth is still comforted with the belief that all things happen by the hands of the mysticism and the just and divine order of nature, itself. Wordsworth is a master hand in depicting natural things. Quiet, beautiful, sweet, pleasures and so on are the most universally seen words in his poems.




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