Socioeconomic Determinants of Household Fertility in Bangladesh


  • S.M.Z. Imran Hasan & Nahian Ahmed Shah Lecturer, Department of Economics, New Model Degree College, Dhaka Bangladesh.


Household Fertility, Bangladesh, Multivariate Regression, Log-Linear Model, Micro econometrics, Cross-Sectional Data Analysis


This paper unravels some key determinants of fertility in Bangladesh by showing a multivariate model analysis on a cross-sectional data set. The sample data set is taken from a massive household survey conducted in 2011. From one thousand and fifty two variables, I have selected twenty nine key regressors covering ten socioeconomic domains on the basis of the following factors: education, wealth, nutrition, locality, religion and lastly the awareness of family planning tools and services.
It is demonstrated that in spite of the fact that a linear model functions works well in accommodating more regressors but it is plagued with the presence of heteroscedasticity. We then defeat this issue by demonstrating that an alternative log-linear model with less regressors finishes the Breusch-Pagan test without a drawback. At long last, we display the major discussions and conclusion.




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