Analysis Techniques and Strategies-Research acuity


  • Rashed Ahmed Assistant Professor & Chairman, Dept. of Business Administration, Green University of Bangladesh


Research, Information Technology, Research Tools, Statistical Test


From the ramification of analytical techniques and strategies, a researcher may face inconvenience. Again the complex social fallacy, use of information technology, and ever changing needs of human make the scenario more complex than ever. This study tried to provide with a simple picture of the analytical techniques along with strategies, cover the whole research process and choose the appropriate instruments to take effective decisions efficiently. Secondary data were used without any statistical analysis. Diagrams are given in the required places from different materials of different researchers to have the overall concept regarding univariate, bivariate and multivariate techniques. A brief discussion was made in respect of ANOVA, MANOVA, -test, Z-test and so forth. Few statements in terms of recommendations are given to uplift the world of research in a state of art fashion.




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