Landscape of E-governance-Bangladesh Outlook


  • M. Elias Mollah & M. Miraj Hossain  Chairman, Dept. of CSE, Green University of Bangladesh


E-governance, E-performance, E-democracy, MIS


Any Government needs to be modified in an across-the-board manner and in the consequence of comprehensiveness; e-governance possesses a noteworthy segment. The key objectives of this study are to provide subject on problems and prospects of e-governance and also to provide steps to set its policy for implementation. Secondary data have been used in this research. A model is suggested along with implementation strategy. G-2-G, G-2-B and G-2-C terms are used to identify different stakeholders of the government. Examples of the successful countries are drawn to compare the status of Bangladesh. In addition to its prospects, e-governance has a lot of problems.




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