Supply Chain Management Scenario of a Super Store: A Critical Analysis on Agora


  • Md. Siddikur Rahman & Mohammad Maksudul Karim Lecturer, Dept.of Management Studies, Comilla University


Supply Chain Management, Competitors, Logistics


Supply chain management is a set of organizations engaged in the delivery of a product or service to the customer or the end user.All parties whether directly or indirectly involved in satisfying customer request and demand are involved in supply chain management. It is internalized and conceptualized as a link or chain of organizations from supplier to end user, with the intention of coordinating both supply and demand. These parties are not only suppliers and manufacturers, but also wholesalers, retailers, transporters and even the customer themselves. The success of organizations is highly depending on their ability to manage and design their supply chain management system in order to get the maximum benefit in the market where competitive forces are dynamic. Thus, supply chain is dynamic and all about conducting all necessary activities, facilities and functions, which can meet the demand of the customer. Agora one of the popular superstore also has its own supply chain activities to conduct its day to day operations effectively. The study is conduct to get an overall idea about the supply chain management practices of the superstore.




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