Robi Axiata Limited: A Critical Study on Human Resource Management Practices


  • Md. Mahbub Alam Assistant Professor, Dept. of Management Studies, Comilla University


HRM, Multinational, Questionnaire


Changing competitiveness in the global markets has created new challenges for business organizations. To cope with this changing environment human resource management (HRM) practices are expected to play a more vital role in firm performance. Human resource or people are diversified from the viewpoint of likes and dislikes, emotions, feelings, values, personalities and qualifications as well.The subject matter of human resource management (HRM) is dealing with people. Until and unless an organization don’t have efficient and talent human resource they cannot build a good workforce team for achieving professionally the organizational goal. Without productivity improvement no organization can flourish and survive in the long run. For this reason HRM as a separate matter of study has been gaining popularity and this study explored HRM practices of Robi Axiata Limited a cellular mobile phone multinational company operating in Bangladesh. This study has not covered all HRM activities of Robi but some selected major HRM functions has been explored. These major HRM activities are human resource planning (HRP), recruitment and selection, training and development, motivation and leadership, performance appraisal, compensation, job satisfaction and promotion. This is a descriptive type of study and primary data have been collected designing a Likert Scale questionnaire. It is found after data analyses that for formulating effective HRP Robi’s uses trend analysis and individual departmental manpower requisition. Robi also has qualified authority to make selection process successful and for taking effective projected future manpower decision. The company has been arranging proper training program continuously. Moreover, the company should slightly improve its motivation and leadership styles and also to be increased employee basic salary.

Author Biography

Md. Mahbub Alam, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Management Studies, Comilla University




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