A Conceptual Framework of Human Resource Technology Transfer (HRTT)


  • Mohammad Abdul Jabber Assistant Professor, Department of Management, University of Dhaka




Human Resource, Technology, Business, HRRT


HR technologies are playing a pivotal role in shaping organizational HR practices and organizational
strategies. HR Technologies are helping HR functions in such a way where the HR became a decision science with a
measurable impact on business results. Now the non-HR professionals are implementing HR function at ease with the
help of HR technologies. As a result, there is immense use of HR technologies in both larger and smaller organizations.
The hiking demand of HR technologies and its innovation requires a model for effective HR technology transfer (HRTT).
Moreover, there is a strong need for making a proper balance among the applications, implementations, usages and
development of HR technologies which depends on the successful and effective HR technology transfer. This paper thus
proposes a model on HR technology transfer and finds out the actors and their characteristics. A better understanding
of these actors and a national policy level development will help to make an effective HR technology transfer and hence
the development of the HR functions and the organizations.




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