Linking Competitive Strategies with Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)


  • Dr. TarunTapan Dhar & Md. Abul Kashem Associate Professor & Head of School of Business, Ranada Prashad Shaha University



Competitive Strategy, Competitive Advantage, HRIS, Cost Leadership, Differentiation


In today’s fast-paced economy, competitiveness is inevitable in highly dynamic and uncertain environments and an issue of services and products oriented business organizations. Much attention has been directed to a better service and the best product and how this can be achieved through utilizing the human resources. This paper identifies the competitive strategies concepts and models, competitive advantages gained from HRIS and the linkage of these two approaches that have a significant impact on the employee’s performance. Understanding how HRIS is linked up with competitive strategies has become a major area of research in the field of human resource strategic management. Finally a summary of interaction between competitive strategies and HRIS is presented and a general discussion and recommendations have been drawn.




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Dr. TarunTapan Dhar & Md. Abul Kashem. (2022). Linking Competitive Strategies with Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS). Academic Journal on Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Education, 2(1), 1–13.